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TOELLNER has been offering electronic test and measuring equipment of maximum quality since 1972.
  • Laboratory power supplies
  • High-performance power supplies
  • Arbitrary power supplies
  • Function generators
  • Arbitrary generators
  • Broadband amplifiers
  • 4-quadrant amplifiers

Special features which will fill you with enthusiasm: All instruments exhibit properties which distinguish them from the rest. Technicians will be particularly impressed by the exceptional features.

Ingenuity in detail – finishing and assembly carried out perfectly by hand – unparalleled precision of mechanics and electronics – always abreast with technical developments.

In addition to the world‘s most prestigious vehicle and aircraft constructers, almost all system suppliers of these sectors use TOELLNER products. Furthermore, our equipment and systems are encountered in the development and research fields of industries and universities and in all IT, automation and general electronics sectors.

With an excellent price/performance ratio, TOELLNER measuring instruments are exported to many countries worldwide. Local representatives provide a direct contact to our customers and thus guarantee the high availability of TOELLNER products.

All TOELLNER products are guaranteed for 24 months. We can provide this extensive guarantee because each instrument is produced to stringent quality and safety standards.

The VDE 0411 and IEC 348 safety regulations are complied with; all devices have of course been assigned the CE symbol.

Our deliveries are based on the “General Terms and Conditions of Sale for Products and Services of the Electronics industry”.


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4-quadrant power supplies TOE 7620 320 W source and sink power – DC to 100 kHz

4-quadrant power supplies or 4-quadrant amplifiers are instruments that are capable to provide positive and negative output voltages as well as positive and negative output currents.

Laboratory power supplies are usually only single quadrant power sources. They are only able to deliver power with one single polarity, i.e. these instruments only work in one quadrant of the output voltage/ current diagram. Common amplifiers deliver voltages with both polarities, but are generally unable to absorb power values in a range comparable to that which they are able to deliver. They therefore mainly work as two-quadrant devices.

The TOE 7620 series of 4-quadrant power supplies is able to work as a power sink as well as a power source with equal values of delivered or absorbed power. Thus a TOE 7620 series power supply is bipolar voltage and current source, and a current sink in one instrument and can replace a combination of single components. Frequent problems with the interaction of individual components and unexpected oscillations now belong to the past.

Features of the standard delivery
Selectable input voltage range

The input voltage range can be set to a range of ±5 V or ±10 V. Therefore no further external adaptation of the control voltage is necessary.

Variable DC offset

The DC offest voltage at the output can be adjusted to any value within the rated output voltage range. The external control voltage will be amplified and superimposed to the DC offset. This way the ripple voltage in an on-board supply system can easily be simulated.

Adjustable output impedance

The output impedance is adjustable in the range from 0 to 0.5 Urated / Irated.

Short-time load current

All 4-quadrant power supplies of the TOE 7620 series can be equipped with the TOE 7620/103 option to deliver three times the rated current for approx. 3 ms.

Output ON/OFF

A convenient feature is the output switch-off which allows immediate shut down of the output voltage and current when in the “Output OFF“ position. Additionally the output will be isolated!

Special features
  • 320 W source and sink power
  • Extended power output with parallel units on request
  • Short-time load current 3 x Irated (option)
  • Analog control input 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V
  • Slew rate approx. 6 V/μs to 25 V/μs (depends on model)
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Sensing inputs
  • Output at front, optional at rear
  • 19″ rack mountable, 3 HU
  • Optimally suitable for electrical noise testing of components against vehicle electrics ripple
General data
Amplifier output Floating, insulation ± 260 V against ground
Line voltage 115 V /230 V ± 10 %, 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Line fuse 115 V: T8L
230 V: T4L
in accordance with IEC 127-2/III, DIN 41662
Power consumption Max. approx. 750 VA
Protective measures Protection class I in accordance with DIN EN 61010-1
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Reference temperature -20 °C to 70 °C
Cooling With thermostatically controlled fan
(W x H x D) With feet
434 x 132 x 429 mm
434 x 147 x 429 mm
19″ system 3HU rack mountable
Weight Approx. 20 kg
Housing Aluminium
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Arbitrary power supplies – TOE 8805 (160 W) to TOE 88165 (5200 W)


Arbitrary power supplies for generation of any voltage and current characteristics with an output power from 160 W to 5200 W. With exceptionally versatile and user-friendly software.

In addition to many predefined standard impulses for the automotive and avionics industries, the arbitrary power supplies of the TOE 8805 to TOE 88165 series additionally offer the option for generating completely optional waveforms. You can thus generate test voltages which perhaps may only be defined in the future.

They also provide dips and drops, load dump impulses, and many versions of complex voltages.

A comprehensive library of curves typical in vehicles provides the user with a reliable and versatile test instrument.

A further operating mode of these extremely universal arbitrary units is the simulation of wiring system ripple as encountered in vehicles or aircraft. Ripples with frequencies from 20 Hz up to more than 70 kHz can be superimposed on the test curves or on a pure DC voltage.

All models starting with the TOE 8825 are of modular design and consist of an intelligent control unit and boosters connected in parallel.

In these extremely universal units, the major features of a high-speed power supply have been optimally combined with those of an arbitrary function generator.


The software included in the scope of delivery is extremely versatile, allows intuitive use, and permits generation of almost any waveforms within a very short time. Direct data importing from digital oscilloscopes and data recording equipment is also possible without problem.

Furthermore, the software has a library with standard curves from global vehicle manufacturers which is continuously updated.

Maximum output voltage

16 V to 100 V

Maximum output current

1.6 A to 320 A

Output power

160 W to 5200 W

Special features
  • Generates any voltage and current characteristics
  • Imports real-time signals from digital storage oscilloscopes or data recording systems
  • Very high rise and fall rates of the output voltage: approx. 2 V/μs
  • Brief load currents up to 1000 A
  • User-friendly software
  • GPIB and analog interfaces included as standard
  • Vehicle electrics ripple: AC superimposition 4 Vpp
    20 Hz to 70 kHz (TOE 8815 to TOE 8865)
    20 Hz bis 50 kHz (TOE 8865 to TOE 88165)
  • Internal sink function Brief load sink: 1000 W to 16000 W, depends on model
  • Brief load current: 3 x Irated for approx. 10 ms (max. 1000 A)


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Electronic switch for micro interruptions <1µs – Micro-Switch TOE 9260
Electronic Switch for micro TOP-interruptions

The new Electronic Switch TOE 9260 is the first choice for generating micro interruptions in supply voltages. Conforms ideally to LV124/VW80000 Vehicle Electric System test standards.

Depending on the model, currents of up to 100 A can be switched at a rated voltage of up to 60 V.

Special Features
  • Rated voltage 60 V DC
  • Rated current 50 A DC / 100 A DC
  • Rise and fall time < 1 μs
  • Short-Circuit-protection
  • Discharge of circuit load
  • 4 signal line switches
  • Signal Generator Control (TTL level)

While testing vehicle power systems according to standards, it is necessary to momentarily interrupt supply voltages. This can easily be accomplished and executed with the Toellner Model TOE 9260 Micro Switch, operating between

Any voltage source of up to 60 V DC with approp¬riate current rating can be connected to the input.
Using an external signal generator, the current flow can be interrupted by switch “S-1” on demand. Discharging the load circuit can be accomplished by another internal switch “S-2” during the interruption process of the load current.

Four additional signal line switches (“S-3 thru “S-6”) enable precise switching and interruption of signal lines and control lines in any current flow direction. Control of these switches (“S-3” thru “S-6”) takes place synchronously with “S-1”.

Technical specifications
TOE 9260-50 TOE 9260-100
Input Voltage max. 60 V max. 60 V
Output current DC 50 A 100 A
Switch-on peak current 300 A 300 A
Rise time/fall time (tr, tf)
@ 1 Ω or 10 Ω
< 1 μs < 1 μs
Control voltage(trigger) TTL-Level,
max. ±20 V
max. ±20 V
Signal line switches ± 60 V, ± 1A ± 60 V, ± 1A
Rise time/fall time (tr, tf) < 0,5µs < 0,5µs
General data


Supply Voltage 90-264 V, 47-63 Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 35 VA
Operating Temperature 0°C bis 40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C bis 70°C
Reference Temperature 23°C ± 1°C
Cooling Thermostatically-controlled fan
(WxHxD with feet)
224 X 88 X 325 mm
224 X 104 X 325 mm
19” system ½ 19”, 2 HU
Weight Approx, 4kg
Housing Aluminium/ Steel
Ordering data
TOE 9260-50 60 V/ 50 A
TOE 9260-100 60 V/ 100 A
Options / accessories


TOE 9260/22 0,5 m connecting cable with 1 safety socket, red
TOE 9260/23 0,5 m connecting cable with 1 safety socket, blue
TOE 9521 19” adapter 2 HU, for single installation
TOE 9522 19” adapter 2 HU, parallel installation set for 2 units
Supplied accessories
  • 1 Instruction manual
  • 1 Shorting link / Connecting plug
  • 2 connector sockets S 3 – S 6
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