Founded in 1974, Soken Electric Co.,Ltd., as a manufacturer of measuring instruments for industrial equipment, has been greatly dedicating to design and quality control for electric machines, transmission & distribution equipment of electric power, home electric appliances, electric insulation materials, etc. Taking advantage of our technological know-how, we move into the field of insulation diagnosis, and expand our share of plant maintenance lately.

Furthermore by complying flexibly with the change and diversity of industry structure, nowadays Soken Electric Products come to expand into the applications of automobile and semiconductor industry.

  • Hot Coil Resistance Measuring Equipment
  • Magnetic Characteristic Test Equipment
  • Dielectric Loss Tangent Testing Equipment
  • Partial Discharge Measuring Equipment
  • Impulse Test Equipment
  • Vacuum Discharge Test Equipment
  • High Voltage Insulating Tester
  • Power Supply for Watt-hour Meter Test
  • Test Equipment for Instrument Transformer

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The Inverter Hot Line Coil Resistance Meter is a testing instrument for measuring hot-line coil resistance of a motor stator coil. Traditionally, the motor under test is temporarily de-energized to measure its coil resistance, which is then converted to the corresponding temperature. Hot-line resistance measurement using this instrument enables high-precision and highly-efficient measurement of coil resistance while the coil is being energized.

  • EV Motor
  • Brushless Motor
  • Compressor Motor for Air-Conditioner
Test Standard
  • JIS C4203 Single Phase induction motors
  • JEC 60034-1 Rotating electrical machines. Part 1: Rating and performance
Measuring range
  • 0.2Ω Range : 0-0.2000Ω (Superimposed Current DC100mA)
  • 2ΩRange : 0-2.000Ω (Superimposed Current DC100mA)
  • 20ΩRange : 0-20.00Ω (Superimposed Current DC10mA)
  • 200ΩRange : 0-200.0Ω (Superimposed Current DC1mA)
  • 2000ΩRange : 0-2000Ω (Superimposed Current DC0.1mA)
Testing Voltage : AC400V max (50/60Hz), Average Rectifier RMS