Roger GPS


Roger-GPS Ltd. is a company specialized in GNSS (GPS) technology. Its customers include a wide range of users who need GNSS signal reception indoors. Users include public safety, defence, public transport, airlines, logistics and companies manufacturing, selling and servicing GPS terminals, systems and services.

Roger-GPS Ltd.’s business concept permits the use of GNSS repeater devices and services in places where it was previously impossible.

The company was established as spin-off in 2009 to carry on the development, manufacturing and marketing of GPS products started by Sparklike Ltd. September 2008 Sparklike Ltd. launched the first CE-certified GPS repeater product family approved by the communications authorities in Finland and Sweden for use as radio-licensed device.

A single ROGER GPS Repeater Package is enough to provide a GPS indoor coverage area of about 1000 square meters and a distance up to 20m from the repeater center. Mount the external antenna on the roof of the building and connect the cable supplied with the kit to the antenna and to the repeater installed indoors.

Connect the power supply unit to the repeater, adjust the repeater’s transmission power according to the local conditions, to prevent a signal loopback, and indoor GPS coverage is immediately available. The kit includes clear installation instructions and a pre-completed application for a radio license.

Several ROGER GPS Repeater Packages can be installed in the same building. Alternatively, the signal coverage provided by a single package can be extended with ROGER GPS Accessories, such as line amplifiers and signal splitters.

Roger-GPSrepeater covers:
  • Theheight and thediameter as about 30mdepending on the constructionmaterial
  • Theobstaclematerial(cars,other bigmetal particles)create reflectingwaves thatmayinfluencethearea coverage
  • Therepeater has 40dBgain adjustment
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