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Langer EMV-Technik GmbH is an electro-technical company which is active in the field of electromagnetic compatibility-related

  • research
  • development
  • production

Our pre-compliance measurement equipment and IC Test System, which help developers to achieve new product qualities, are very popular throughout the world.

Furthermore, we offer development support advisory assistance in solving EMC tasks in module development.

Thanks to our strategies and measuring methods we are able to solve EMC problems right on the module efficiently, quickly and at low cost. We pass on the knowledge that we acquire through our work in practical experimental EMC seminars (in-house seminars for our customers or public seminars).

  • Near Field Micro Probe MFA-R 0.2-6
  • Near Field Micro Probe MFA-R 0.2-75
  • Near Field Micro Probe MFA-K 0.1-12
  • Bias-Tee BT706
  • Power plug-in supply, type EU or US
  • Cable SMA-SMA
  • Case (340 x 240 x 55) mm
  • Short instruction
MFA probe – optional:
  • Near Field Micro Probe MFA-K 0,1-30

MFA01 Micro Probe set

The MFA probes have been developed for measurements at the smallest SMD components (0603-0201) on printed circuit boards. Particularly fine conductor runs and SMD or IC pins can be measured. These near field micro probes help you localise EMC phenomena up to 6 GHz in electronic circuits and minimise interference emissions from the device. The probe voltage can be converted to the corresponding magnetic field or the current flowing through the conductor by means of the correction data.

MFA01 Micro Probe set


The probes in the MFA01 set include special, electrically shielded active miniature heads which have been designed for detailed magnetic field measurements in the layout, on components and IC pins. The heads are embedded in a protective layer to protect them against damage.

A pre-amplifier stage is integrated in all of the MFA01 miniature measuring heads. The bias tee supplies the amplifier stage. It has to be connected at the 50 Ohm input of a spectrum analyser and its own power supply is via the system’s plug-in power supply unit.The MFA probes, bias tee and cable all have SMA plug connectors.

Optional XF probes

A selection of other XF probes in the frequency range between 30 MHz and 6 GHz are available to supplement the XF1 near-field probe set.

The near field probes are designed for the analysis of E and H field distributions, detection of coupling mechanisms on modules and evaluation of switching edges on signal leads and RF voltages of the supply system.

Probes – optionally XF


The passive near field probes are connected to the 50 Ohm input of a spectrum analyser via SMA.

Available probes:
  • H-Field Probe XF-100 – 1
  • E-Field Probe XF-E09 s
  • E-Field Probe XF-E09
  • E-Field Probe XF-E04 s
  • Cable SMA-SMA
  • Case (175 x 140 x 32) mm
  • Short instruction
PA203 preamplifier
Device PA203 preamplifier


Operating voltage: 6…18 V
Current input: 25 mA
max. input power: +13 dBm
Amplifying: 20 dB
Noise figure: 4.5 dB
Frequency range: 100 kHz – 3 GHz
Dimensions: (50 x 38 x 13) mm

The 20 dB preamplifier operates in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 3 GHz and is suitable for measurements with the RF current transformer and near field probes. The input and output are designed as 50 Ohm BNC plug-and-socket connectors and can thus be operated with any spectrum analyser or oscillograph. The preamplifier is operated inside the shielding tent during measurements with the ESA1 system. Filters are provided in the GP23 base plate for the preamplifier’s output line and power supply. The output signal reaches the spectrum analyser via the enclosed double-shielded BNC cable.