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ED&D, incorporated in 1990, is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial test equipment for product safety applications. Products are made in accordance with various IEC, CE, CSA, UL, VDE, MIL, EN, ASTM or other national and international standards. We offer the world’s largest selection of product safety test equipment, many of which are in stock.

Our 22,000 square foot headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina – – in the heart of the prestigious “Research Triangle Park” region. We are located within a few miles of the Raleigh-Durham International airport, offering a major convenience to visitors. This facility includes a cutting-edge Training Room, a “dry” lab for electrical tests, as well as a massive, state-of-the-art “wet-test” lab for Ingress Protection (NEMA and IP Code) testing… the labs are used not only for calibration and product test purposes… Come visit us for a product demonstration!

Dedicated to solving customer needs

ED&D is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited — as such we are the world’s only manufacturer of a full line of product safety test equipment to achieve this status. Our Scope of Accreditation covers most of our line, which positions us uniquely in the world. We have a full service calibration laboratory staffed by degreed engineers and expert level technicians. Additionally, we can provide on-site calibrations on an as-needed basis.

Our focus is on rock solid product quality and superior product and customer service. We are able to do this by hiring degreed industry experts. Additionally, many of our employees gained their vast knowledge working at NRTL’s such as UL and Intertek, among others. ED&D is able to attract top-level talent for several reasons… a big draw is our location, which has been ranked as the #1 place to live as well as the #1 place in the country to work and do business. As the corporate roots come from Silicon Valley, they have brought those same work ethics to the company. We offer a relaxed work environment with competitive pay, fantastic opportunity for advancement, and an excellent benefits package. We only hire self-motivated individuals, therefore, a need to micro-manage is unheard of – – employees are essentially given free reign as professionals, which we’ve found maximizes not only their potential, but job satisfaction as well.

As a result, ED&D has been synonymous with high quality innovation, excellent technical service, product value and superior customer service. We are dedicated to providing you with the best product safety solutions available… in turn our client list includes all of the Fortune 500 manufacturers as well as all of the NRTL’s. We do not settle for second best and neither do our customers. Due to our extreme attention and quality, ED&D is at the top of the industry. We have won numerous awards, repeat business and heavy praise from our customers.

Why worry about product safety?

The engineering changes required to make a product safe are usually not expensive to introduce during the design process, but the costs can skyrocket as the product gets closer to the market (redesign, lost opportunity, etc). Many times, safety is given little consideration during the early phases of product development. This is unfortunate due to many of the design flaws found at later audits. Design changes cost companies time and money, so it is smarter to purchase the needed equipment in advance. Let ED&D help save you the headache related to these issues, so your product will launch on time, every time.

Product Details

Probe kits offer substantial cost savings and added convenience. NIST traceable certificates are included.

  • TFP-01: IEC Jointed Finger Probe w/ banana jack in handle (as required)
  • CTF-01: Child Test Finger Probe / Probe 19 of IEC 61032
  • CTF-02: Child Test Finger Probe / Probe 18 of IEC 61032
  • TPP-01: Test Pin Probe (short)
  • TPP-03: Test Pin Probe
  • TRP-02: 1.0mm Test Wire Probe / Test Probe D of IEC 61032
  • TRP-01: 2.5mm Test Rod Probe / Test Probe C of IEC 61032
  • UFP-01: Rigid Finger Probe
  • TH-01: IEC Test Hook (with means for connection to force gauge)
  • ITB-01: 50mm impact test ball w/ removable eyelet (as required)
  • ITB-04: Impact Test Ball w/ Rockwell Hardness R62+ (as required)
  • TTP-01: Telecom Test Probe (to test accessibility to TNV circuits)
    NIST-traceable Certificates of Calibration
    (measurement data sold separately)
  • CC-04: Two padded carrying cases
Product Details

This transformer is a general purpose dual-voltage “international” isolation transformer = for step-up (120 to 240 VAC), step-down (240 to 120 VAC), or straight 1:1 isolation (120 to 120 VAC or 240 to 240 VAC).

This isolation transformer is constructed with double insulation which includes an insulated ground shield between the primary and secondary windings. The secondary winding is not grounded (no neutral).

NOTE: In many countries “ground” is referred to as “earth.” You may interchange the word “earth” with “ground.”

NOTE: The input voltage rating has a ± 10% Tolerance = it may be used for 110/220 VAC, 115/230 VAC, or 120/240 VAC application.

Input/Output Connections Detachable power supply cords, with bare leads for panel connection Overall Dimensions 28 in. D x 21 in. W x 15 in. H (71 x 54 x 38 cm)
Environmental Ratings 10-30 °C, indoor use only Pollution Category II
Overall Weight(without cords) 185 lbs. (84 Kg)